Chiba Mamoru

Mamoru's full name is Chiba Mamoru, as in Japan the family name comes first. His name loosely means "Protector of Earth", as 'mamoru' is a verb, meaning to protect. In the North American dub, his name is Darien. His alter ego is the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen, and he is the romantic interest of Tsukino Usagi, otherwise known as Sailormoon or Princess Serenity.

Name Analysis

From Kabalarian Philosophy:

The first name of Mamoru creates an intense personal nature. Your feelings and emotional desires are strong and consequently you are an individual, determined, strong-willed person. Your creative nature and ambition drive you to pursue success to the extent that you jeopardize your personal well-being. There is a tendency for you to dominate others. You are too certain of yourself, and you are not open to the views of others or responsive to their desires or needs. Also, this name does not incorporate qualities that enable you to be diplomatic and to compromise.

I think a lot of this describes Mamoru very well. He is a very strong-willed, intense person. He has a lot of high goals in life that he works very hard to achieve. As far as being certain of himself, I think Mamoru is certain of himself as far as intelligence goes, but when speaking of his social skills and his abilities as Tuxedo Kamen, I'm not so sure. It's pretty obvious that Usagi is the first serious relationship Mamoru's ever had, and is not always sure how to deal with Usagi's ever-fluctuating emotions. I think that when he is Tuxedo Kamen, he knows his physical limits, so I guess that would count as being certain of himself, but it's also very obvious he wishes he was more powerful so he could protect Sailormoon better. I disagree with the part about being unable to be diplomatic. I think Mamoru is one of the most polite characters on the show and explains himself in reasonable terms.



"Psychometry is the practice of gaining paranormal insights or knowledge from a physical object which is used as a focus."

A good example of this would be from Sailormoon R. Tuxedo Kamen holds Chibiusa in his arms and has visions of a crystal kingdom (Crystal Tokyo - though he doesn't know that yet). By touching Chibiusa, he gets these visions from her. This would be Mamoru using his power of psychometry.

Unidentified Powers

A lot of Sailormoon info websites claim that part of psychometry is the ability to heal others or feel the pain of others. I looked through a ton of websites about psychometry and found this definition nowhere. Mamoru does possess these abilties, but I just don't know what they're called. He is the Earth's soldier and prince and so is connected to the Earth and Elysion. His body reacts when the Earth is in danger. He also has a healing ability which he uses more often in the manga. However, he uses this ability to "link" to Chibiusa and keep her alive while her pure heart is missing in Sailormoon S. However, I have not found either of these special abilities to be described as psychometry. If you know what their real terms are, please contact me.

Another interesting thing to point out is in SuperS when Chibimoon is captured by Nehelenia, and Mamoru is back at the apartment, ill, he knows when something has happened to her. His pain heightens and he thinks, "Chibiusa....!"

The Protector Of Earth

Mamoru is the senshi of Earth, but he is not a sailor senshi. He is its protector nonetheless. I'll go over a few points now. First, there is no sailor senshi of the Earth in neither the manga nor the anime. So is Earth not special enough? There is no official "Sailorearth" because A.)Mamoru is the guardian of Earth and therefore there is no need to have an official senshi and B.)"Sailorearth" sounds really weird. It makes me think of "Captain Planet", and that's bad.

Prince Endymion was Mamoru's identity in his previous life. He was the prince of the Earth. He is tied in with Elios, the guardian of Elysion - the guardian of everyone's dreams on Earth. When Helios, Elysion, and Earth are in danger, Mamoru becomes weak and ill. In the manga, he coughs up black blood. Mamoru's body was reacting to the state of the planet he is connected with. He also is the owner of the Golden Crystal, much like Usagi owns the ginzuishou. He also has a Sailor Crystal, which only sailor senshi have.

While he is a senshi, he is not a sailor senshi, mainly because Takeuchi Naoko said that only girls could be sailor senshi. He does have a transformation sequence, even though a lot of sites claim that he doesn't. He doesn't seem to have a transformation phrase or anything, he just sorta makes it happen. We only see the transformation sequence one time in the first season, in episode 34.

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