Here you can read about different specific aspects of the anime, manga and movies, most from my own personal point of view.


Quotes - A collection of memorable & funny quotes spoken by or about Mamoru in the series.

Chibafied Episodes - Trying to find an episode of Sailormoon chockful of Chiba goodness? Don't feel like sifting through 200 episodes to find one? Well, you're in luck, because I did it for you.

Sailormoon R Movie - AKA "The Promise of the Rose". A summary with pictures and quotes.

Insult Land - The chronicles of first season constantly bickering Usagi and Mamoru.

The Infamous Breakup - Mamoru is often demonized from his actions in the Sailormoon R season. While not the brightest of ideas, I'm here to prove that he was only doing what he thought he had to do to protect Usagi.

We're Still Close Anyway, Mamo-chan - Would Usagi and Mamoru have ended up together even if they never recollected their past lives?

Young Mamoru - Not much is known about Mamoru's clouded childhood, but from my interpretation, all roads were specifically paved to lead him to Usagi.

The Many Faces of Mamoru - More or less a silly look at the multitude of varieties different animators drew Mamoru throughout the years.

Fashion...Or Not - Mamoru's fashion (or lack thereof) decisions throughout the series. We know it was the early 90's but, what was this boy thinking?

Mamoru's Wheels - Every Sailormoon fan knows Mamoru drives a 'fancy sports car', but which one exactly? I have the answer for you here.

Mamoru & Seiya - The heated debate still continues today - 'Who's better for Usagi?' Why can't we just let the story be as Naoko intended and let Usagi decide?

Fountain of Hatred - Fans who love to hate Mamoru also love to come up with rather lame reasons as to why they don't like him. These are some of the most common, and my rebuttal.


Quotes - A collection of various quotes spoken by or about Mamoru throughout the manga.

Endymion in Mythology - Naoko mixes a plethora of mythology and symbolism in her works; Endymion is just one example of such.

The Golden Crystal - Usagi has the ginzuishou, and as such Mamoru is the holder of the Golden Crystal.

Black Blood - Mamoru's illness in the Dream arc truly exemplifies how selfless he really is.

The Sempai - Mamoru has many qualities that a lot of people respect and look up to.

Usagi's Selective Memory - Witnessing first-hand the death of her beloved, Usagi subconsciously blocks the memory from her mind.

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