Mamoru & The Sailor Senshi

Mamoru obviously interacts with some of the soldiers more than others but I tried my best to figure out how he views them and vice-versa.

Hino Rei (Sailormars)

Fire Soul!

Mamoru dated Rei for a bit in the first season. This, of course, being before Usagi and Mamoru discover the truth about their former lives, and Mamoru becomes brainwashed and evil. Before the senshi knew Tuxedo Kamen's identity, both Sailormars and Sailormoon were swooning over him. As for the rest of the series, we don't see a lot of moments between he and Rei - except in SuperS when she accidentally catches a glimpse of his bare behind. Even though they dated in the first season, Rei doesn't seem to be uncomfortable around him and vice-versa. Some people try to say that secretly Rei is still madly in love with Mamoru...if she is, there certainly aren't any clues to give us that impression. I personally think she got over it because she knew that he and Usagi were meant for each other. I also think she got over it for plot's sake - it would probably get to be annoying after a while if Rei was still drooling all over him. Besides, Rei has Yuuichirou (sort of). In the manga, Mamoru and Rei never dated; this was one of those anime-only inventions.

Mizuno Ami (Sailormercury)

Shine Aqua Illusion!

Mamoru often helps Ami with studies because they are both closer to the same intellectual level. Of course, Usagi often mistakes this and gets a little jealous (but what doesn't she get jealous over?), but it's nothing serious of course. In episode 97, Mamoru came to Ami in the form of a confidant. She was feeling a little low; she felt as though if she didn't have her studying and work-ethics to her, there wouldn't be much left.

Mamoru: Hi!

Ami: Mamoru-san!

Mamoru: What's up? Absent-minded in such a place? Some problems? You seem somewhat unusual...

Ami: Mamoru-san...what do you think is left of me...if I got rid of studying?

Mamoru: What's left?

Ami: Oh, sorry, I asked something weird! It's because I have something to think about mother is a doctor and I decided to become a doctor when I was a child...As such, I've kept my studies without worrying about anything else. To become a good doctor is my dream...that's what I thought, but...

Mamoru: It's not?

Ami: I think I don't have any dreams infact...

Mamoru: Why? I think becoming a good doctor is an excellent dream.

Ami: But, a person who has real dreams looks more radiant. Usagi has a lot of dreams and looks very radiant. I can't be that way...

Mamoru: Well, it's true she has more dreams than others..

Ami: How can I be a good doctor by being good at studying?

Mamoru: [Leans back a bit] Well, I'm disappointed to hear that! I thought I can stand a needle given by a pretty doctor like you!

Ami: Mamoru-san, you hate needles?

Mamoru: [Nods] I hate them. [Ami laughs] Is that funny?

Ami: Yes, it is...

Mamoru: That's good!

Ami: Thanks, I feel better now. [Stands]

Mamoru: Is that right? Are you going to study now?

Ami: Yes. See you!

Mamoru: [Watching her run away] You are radiant as it is...

Aino Minako (Sailorvenus)

Love & Beauty Shock!

I haven't really picked up any specifically special moments that Minako and Mamoru share in the anime, unless I've forgotten something. I'm pretty sure Mamoru trusts Minako just like he trusts the rest of the inner senshi. One day they will be the guardians of Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Small Lady, so I'd assume he has a lot of faith in her, considering she will be the leader of the sailor senshi in the future (Neo-Queen Serenity pretty much loses her ability to fight as Sailormoon...explaining why King Endymion tells Chibiusa stories about the "legendary" Sailormoon, implying that Sailormoon is no more).

Kino Makoto (Sailorjupiter)

Oak Evolution!

The most interaction I can remember them having was in the first season. I noticed he was sorta mean to Mako-chan whenever she was with Usagi, though of course never anywhere near as bad as he tormented poor Usagi. I just thought I'd point that out since he doesn't seem to tease any of the other girls - heck, he even dated Rei for a little bit there. When Mamoru was brainwashed by The Dark Kingdom and turned into Dark Endymion, he targeted Sailorjupiter in an alleyway with a fistfight. However, though he had an openly clear shot, he did not strike her. I believe that this relates to the fact that his brainwashing wasn't entirely complete - kindness and compassion still lurked somewhere deep within him.

Mamoru: Did you know that Motoki has a girlfriend?

Makoto: Miss Reika, right?

Mamoru: [Thinking: What are junior high kids thinking these days?!] Oh...but, if she goes to study abroad, it's not like you guys wouldn't have a chance...

Makoto: What?! Study abroad?! [Begins choking him] What are you saying?! Tell me all the details! [Mamoru falls over] Oops! I should never have said that...[Looks Down] Mr. Nasty Guy?

Tennoh Haruka (Sailoruranus) & Kaioh Michiru (Sailorneptune)

World Shaking! Deep Submerge!

Although Haruka and Michiru don't actually share much personal interaction aside from Edwards' dinner party in Sailormoon S, a clear idea of their views is developed and still shines through. In Sailormoon S Uranus & Neptune are very against the way the inner senshi work and believe sacrifices must be made, but Tuxedo Kamen tries to talk with them on several occasions in attempts to defend Usagi and the others. Once the events of the third season have concluded and the princess and prince have 'proven' themselves, both Michiru and Haruka have great belief in and respect for their prince. In Sailormoon S, before they know the true identities of Usagi and the others, they comment that Mamoru is a nice-looking guy and that Usagi is a lucky young girl. In Sailor Stars, Haruka and Michiru greatly want to protect the relationship of Usagi and Mamoru, which they remind Usagi of several times, especially when Seiya arrives. Haruka is especially very protective of Usagi, and both of them are upset about the romantic advances that Seiya often makes. They both believe in Mamoru, and greatly defend and support his destiny with Usagi.

Tomoe Hotaru (Sailorsaturn)

Death Reborn Revolution.

Hotaru and Mamoru also don't get to mingle too often, but one episode from Sailormoon S does stick out in particular. It is episode 116 - "Calm after the storm! A friendship devoted to Hotaru". Usagi, Mamoru, Chibiusa, Hotaru and Luna all go on a picnic together at a nice park with gardens and a greenhouse. Mamoru believes that Hotaru is a nice girl and supports her friendship with Chibiusa, despite what Haruka had said about her. Mamoru is very gentle and caring to Hotaru in this episode, and they get along rather well discussing botany. Hotaru is amused by the antics of Usagi and Mamoru together during lunch and admires the fun they have together. Hotaru is quite the outcast in Sailormoon S, but Mamoru never ceases to show her nothing but kindness. Hotaru and Mamoru share a similarity that wasn't brought up in the anime. They both have the ability to heal wounds with touch. I believe that if they had brought this up somehow, Hotaru would fel much better about her own abilities if she knew someone else like her. It's a shame that this wasn't brought up.

Meioh Setsuna (Sailorpluto)

Dead. Scream.

Daughter of Chronos and keeper of the Gates of Time-Space, Sailorpluto is the eldest and wisest sailor senshi. She and Mamoru do not interact very much in the anime, but they both share the same passion to protect Chibiusa. Sailorpluto is very happy to be able to fight alongside Sailormoon and the others, and she and King Endymion share a great mutual respect for one another. There have been rumors and some fan-art portraying that Pluto is secretly in love with King Endymion but there is no hard evidence by Naoko Takeuchi that this is what she intended.

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