Tsukino Usagi


Usagi is the most important thing in Mamoru's life. Even though he does not possess as many powers as his Usako does, he never hesitates to take the hit for her and die, if it means that she can live. He can't stand to see her hurt, even when he is the one hurting her. Before they are dating, his nickname for Usagi is "Odango Atama" (Dumpling Head), and after they are going out he calls her "Usako"....personally I think Odango Atama is cuter but, oh well...

My Favorite Aspects of Mamoru & Usagi

I personally enjoy the more comedic and day-to-day moments over the heart-wrenching ones...even though both are very good. It's funny to see Mamoru open up over the seasons. At first we are led to think of him as intelligent, articulate, mature, and definitely not funny...but if you stick him in any given scene with Usagi and Chibiusa together, he reacts to them quite comically. Sometimes you have to pay attention, but there's little conversations here and there that Usagi and Mamoru have that are pretty funny.

In His Defense

Seeing her happy...

A lot of people are of the opinion that Mamoru is just a big jerk who doesn't appreciate Usagi at all, nor does he deserve her. I can understand if someone doesn't like Mamoru as a character, but to say that he doesn't appreciate Usagi or care about her is just false. If he didn't care about her, he wouldn't step in front of attacks for her, be away from her to protect her, no matter how much it pains him. Perhaps Mamoru doesn't show extreme affection all the time publicly, but he obviously thinks about Usagi a lot and keeps her close to his heart. I have also read that Mamoru requires Usagi to change - in what way, I ask? Mamoru and Usagi are each unique and have a lot of differences. But, to be with someone exactly like you does not help you learn new things or gain new insight. Mamoru and Usagi teach each other things - Usagi teaches Mamoru to loosen up and have some fun, and Mamoru helps Usagi along as she matures both as a soldier and a young woman.

Fisheye once saw a picture of Usagi and Mamoru together, with Mamoru's arm resting on Usagi's shoulder. Fisheye asks, "Is this the way Mamoru smiles when you are alone together?" I always thought that remark was kind of sweet. It also further shows that Mamoru isn't always one to broadly show his affections in public. But I guess if you think about it, he's sort of saving it all for when he and Usagi get some alone time. For a good article on why Mamoru sometimes acts the way he does, please read Mamoru-san, Why Are You So Hated? on Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millenium Page. It might change some of your opinions.

Through Lifetimes

There's no getting around it: Usagi and Mamoru were destined to be together. But is the "red string of destiny" the only driving factor in their relationship? It's true that they didn't become an official item until after Usagi was revealed to be the Moon Princess and Mamoru discovered his past identity as Prince Endymion. However, I have always noticed a spark between them before all of this.

The last dance

One episode from the first season springs out in my mind in particular - episode 15, "Usagi panics! Rei-chan's First Date." Just from the mere title of this episode, it's obvious that Usagi likes Mamoru, as much as she would never like to admit it. In said episode, Rei conjures up a way to "run into" Mamoru (literally) and get him to take her on a date. This doesn't go exactly as planned, but they do end up going on the date. Throughout this entire ordeal, Usagi runs all over the place spying on them, trying to hear what was going on. If that's not jealousy then I don't know what is.

As for Mamoru, he shows signs, though they are a bit more subtle, since Mamoru himself is just subtle in general. Mamoru teases Usagi every chance he gets and calls her "Odango Atama". Even though teasing someone like that is not always a sign of affection, I think that in a lot of cases it is and when it is, you can tell. I could always tell with Mamoru. Throughout the first season, Mamoru can be found staring at Usagi's beauty, just like Usagi can be found blushing at the thought or presence of Mamoru (episode 28).

Evil Upon Evil

Mamoru has this crazy tendancy to get kidnapped, brainwashed, or rendered completely mindless. But, we always know he's still in there somewhere. Usagi knows this too - and each time she'll stop at nothing to bring the Mamoru she knows and loves back to her, no matter how painful it might be. We are shown her devotion several times throughout the series.

Mamoru's love for Usagi is so strong that no matter how powerful and deadly the evil that attempts to consume him is, there is always some part of him that allows his love for her live on. No one can erase that emotion from him. Tskukikage no Knight sprouted from the affliction between Mamoru's loss of memory after the first season and his undeniable love and need to protect Usagi. It split away from him; Tsukikage no Knight was a piece of Mamoru's soul. Even though physically he did not remember Usagi, there was still some powerful essence within him that managed to protect her regardless. After this display, I don't know how some people can still manage to say he doesn't care about Usagi.

Under a powerful spell...

An "evil" that was done on Mamoru's part is one that a lot of people use as an argument to hate him also. This "evil" thing that he does is in the second arc of the R story. Mamoru begins to have daily nightmares telling him that if he continues to stay near Usagi, terrible harm will come to her. So, Mamoru tries to make it look as though he no longer loves Usagi so that she will stay away from him. I have to say that I don't think that this was exactly the best way Mamoru could have handled the situation. If he couldn't bring himself to tell Usagi he could have told one of the girls at least, and they might have been abe to explain things to Usagi. He put her through a lot of un-needed greif. One reason to back his actions up, but definitely not to justify them, is that Mamoru had been living on his own his entire life. I don't think he has any real good "people skills" if you know what I mean, so when an odd situation arises, and he wants to do what's best, he doesn't really comprehend how to handle things.

Though he tried to make Usagi believe that he didn't love her anymore, we as an audience know he is a big fat liar. When Sailormoon was in danger, he came to rescue her every time. And every time Sailormoon thinks that he wants to be with her again. However, Tuxedo Kamen always assures her he doesn't. These are also lies because after he tells Usagi this, he often goes off somewhere alone and silently says something like, "I'm sorry, Usako." Once we saw teardrops of pain splatter onto his motorcycle helmet. So you can't tell me that Mamoru broke up with Usagi just to hurt her. He hurt himself immensely.

Everyday Life...

Mamoru checks out the non-existant money in his wallet

Usagi is obviously more apt to display her emotions than Mamoru is, and on a much more dramatic level. That fact makes it easy to say that Usagi loves Mamoru a great deal but Mamoru doesn't love her back...but it's just not true. Mamoru sacrifices himself for Usagi repeatedly, and on an everyday basis enjoys being around Usagi while some guys would want to run in the other direction. For instance, Mamoru takes Usagi shopping - and Usagi cleans out Mamoru's entire wallet on one outfit. Mamoru looks down at the emptiness of his wallet, but seems to forget about it just by watching the smile on Usagi's face. Although usually making faces, Mamoru still doesn't seem to mind all too much when Usagi and Chibiusa are arguing over him and pulling him every which way on the street. A lot of guys would not be able to deal with said situations.

Because Mamoru is in college, has his own apartment, and has achieved a lot in life so far, Usagi is sometimes feeling inadequate for Mamoru. She feels that she doesn't do him justice. But, Mamoru reassures her regularly that he loves her the way she is - he doesn't want her to change. So what if her cookies aren't so good - Mamoru just appreciates the fact that she made them for him.

The Future and Eternity

When Mamoru and Usagi find out about their destiny as the King and Queen of Earth and Crystal Tokyo, for the rest of the series he never seems to have second thoughts about being with Usagi for the rest of his life. I'm sure if I found out that I would be living with my boyfriend for the rest of my life, I might freak out or wonder about what other possibilities I could have. But Mamoru has constant, undying love for Usagi. As far as I can tell, he is glad about being married to Usagi in the future, and he is glad that Chibiusa will be his daughter.

So...Usagi & Mamoru, whether you like it or not...that's the way the story goes.

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