Tsukikage no Knight

It's pretty easy to say that Tsukikage no Knight holds a high cheesiness factor, right on par with "Tuxedo Umino Kamen". He means well and he does his best to help out, but just doesn't have that same pizazz that Tuxedo Kamen seems to be able to grasp.

The idea behind the masked Knight is rather endearing - Mamoru's soul, too strong to forget Usagi and his love for her, split and formed the Knight to continue protecting her. However, a lot of this sweetness is forgotten once you catch a glimpse of him. It's not that his outfit is entirely ridiculous - just extremely out of place in the middle of Tokyo.

Tsukikage no Knight

His lack of grace and out-of-touch threads can be blamed on the storywriters and animators. Many aspects of the Sailormoon R season are anime-only creations while Naoko was catching up with the manga. The entire Makaiju (AKA 'Doom Tree') saga, and the infamous breakup were never situations or characters created by Naoko.

I do, however, really love the Makaiju arc. He also served a purpose to the other senshi. They each seemed to have their own episode where they power up slightly with some words of encouragement from the Knight. Sailorvenus gained "Crescent Beam Shower", Sailormercury gained "Shabon Spray Freezing!", Sailormars got "Fire Soul Bird", and Sailorjupiter got "Supreme Thunder Dragon". He helped them realize the power that was already within themselves.

Tsukikage no Knight isn't exactly my favorite form of Mamoru, but the story behind his creation is enough for me to like him. Not to mention, he's got a badass sword. Shishkabobs, anyone?

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