Dark Endymion

Beryl sent Dark Endymion to Earth to try and retrieve the ginzuishou. His eyes were cloudy and dark. His civilian identity was "Endou". He used a spell to make Motoki think that he was his best friend from college. He also tried to put Usagi under a spell, but it didn't work.

Endou found Luna and Artemis' Control Room. The senshi and the cats tried to fight against him, but he seriously injured Sailorjupiter, then threw Luna into a wall. A terrified Usagi, confused as to whether she should fight him or not, finally realizes the inevitable truth. "You are not Tuxedo Kamen," she gasped when she saw what he had done to Luna.

He wouldn't do this...

Sailormoon tried to fight against him. Queen Beryl appeared and demanded that Sailormoon tell her how to harness the full power of the ginzuishou. She began to choke Sailormoon. Sailorvenus then suddenly remembered Beryl's doings in the past - the death of the prince and princess. She then called on the sword of the Moon, and stabbed Queen Beryl with it, destroying her. Sailorvenus passed out and Dark Endymion stole her away. The rest of the senshi then traveled to Point D in the Arctic Sea, to the Dark Kingdom. Here's where things get messy.

Dark Endymion took Sailorvenus because he thought that perhaps the Great Power of the Moon was something more than the ginzuishou or the sword of the Moon. He began choking Sailormoon, demanding to know what it was. This can't be happening! Sailormoon thinks. He wouldn't do this...

Is there no choice?

So confused and shocked, Sailormoon caused the ginzuishou to react to the state of her heart, thus throwing her away from Dark Endymion's grip. He realized that Sailormoon could control the ginzuishou. Sailormoon came to the realization that she couldn't seal away the Dark Kingdom or heal Mamoru because a piece of the ginzuishou was still inside of him. She made her choice. She picked up the Moon Sword. Is there no choice? I can't stand to see him like this anymore. Is this the only way? Is this...the reason we were reborn?

She lunged at Dark Endymion, then kissed him. She then drew her sword and stabbed him through the heart. Sailormoon turned the sword onto herself. Just like the prince and the princess - history repeated itself. Sailorvenus cries, "This can't be what we were reborn for! This can't be our destiny!"

The ginzuishou rose above the lovers' bodies and became whole again. A brilliant flash of light occured, consuming their bodies. Queen Metallia grew using the energy of the ginzuishou and took the lovers' bodies to the Dark Kingdom's surface. The senshi, unsure of what to do, left to consult Artemis back at the Control Room.

The ginzuishou opens like a lotus blossom

Somewhere within the security of the ginzuishou's power, Sailormoon awakened. "Is this a dream?" the asked herself. She looked down and saw Endymion's body. She gasped, and recalled, "I stabbed myself..." She found Mamoru's pocket watch, smashed. It had taken the sword for her. "I came back to life alone?" Tears began to spill from her eyes. One landed on the ginzuishou, and it opened up like a lotus blossom.

Sailormoon used the ginzuishou's power to free herself from within Queen Metallia. She took Mamoru's hand. "Your hand...it's getting warmer and warmer..." He awakened. Sailormoon then tried to fight Metallia, but she was still full of doubt and greif. She felt lost without the other senshi. She was still unable to harness the ginzuishou's full power.

The Shitennou

Mamoru reached into his breast pocket to find four broken stones - Kunzite, Zoicite, Jadeite, and Nephrite. A ghostly image of Kunzite appeared before him. "Our master..." he uttered to Mamoru. He then told him to concentrate an attack on the mark on Metallia's forehead to defeat her. Then images of the other three generals, his once-generals from the Silver Millenium. Even though they had been turned evil by Beryl, their loyalty and goodness came through in the end and they remained true to their prince.

"Sailormoon!" Mamoru cried out. "Metallia's weak point is her forehead! ...Don't cry! Where's your usual energy? Believe in yourself. It's all right...your friends are watching you from somewhere. Gather all of your power. If that's not enough, I'll give you mine. I'll help you instead of your friends. I'll stay by your side, Serenity."

"Endymion..." He always gives me strength, she thought. I can feel power and courage growing stronger... "I, Sailormoon, Princess Serenity - with the power of the Moon, will seal you away!"

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