Video Clips

Some lovely video clips made from my own personal DVD collection for your enjoyment. They are all in .mov format so you'll need Quicktime Player to view them. The clips are also in un-subtitled japanese - I did this incase you want to use the videos for a music video or something of that nature. To compensate for that I have provided a text translation for each clip.

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Sailormoon 'Classic' (Season 1) - Assorted video clips from the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.

Sailormoon R - Video clips from the second season.

Sailormoon S - Video clips from the third season.

Sailormoon SuperS - Video clips from the fourth season.

Sailor Stars - Clips from the fifth and final season.

Usa-ko; the Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon Fanlisting La Smoking Bomber; the Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen Fanlisting Forever I Promise; the Usagi & Mamoru Fanlisting