Livejournal Icons

Here are some icons you can use on your online blogs/journals, such as Livejournal. Like everything else, no direct linking. Claiming that you made them is a big no-no too. Other than that, go crazy. Crediting la80schica or ice_icons would be lovely of you.


These are mostly Livejournal users who courteously prepare and share resources to spice up graphics like textures & brushes. Here is a list of people that I have used some resources from in creating some of these icons. Check them out!

gender @ Livejournal

colorfilter @ Livejournal

miggy @ Livejournal

Usa-ko; the Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon Fanlisting La Smoking Bomber; the Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen Fanlisting Forever I Promise; the Usagi & Mamoru Fanlisting