Manga Scans

These are all black and white scans that I made directly from my manga. All images will open in a new window. Enjoy!

Doujinshi Scans

These are some doujinshi scans I've gathered on the net over the years; sources are unknown or have been long since gone. If you scanned any of these and don't want them here, just e-mail me and I'll remove them.

Usagi and Mamoru Usagi accidentally [I think XD] grabs Mamoru's butt Uhm...Ami says something that Mamoru doesn't seem to like Baby Endymion Sailoruranus and Tuxedo Kamen, kinda lovey

Mamoru remembers Serenity and Endymion's love Usagi and Mamoru walk hand-in-hand


These were all graciously given to me by Gabi, please visit her excellent Chibiusa site, Beautiful Dreamer.

Usagi and the battle with noodles King Endymion either trying to look mysterious or smelling something really bad Mamoru pimps a cool bunny shirt Mamoru says...something to Michiru Mamoru wants Haruka to stop mackin' on Usagi

Chibiusa and Mamoru Serenity and Endymion Tuxedo Kamen May I have this dance? This is so romantic

Ouch, you stepped on my poor foot!!! Usagi daydreams of her Wedding Day Usagi and Mamoru Doesn't he sort of look like a grown-up  Shingo?? Endymion and a distraught Serenity

Endymion and Serenity accompanied by Sailorvenus and Sailormars Usagi and Mamoru have some kind of dialogue...sorry, I can't read japanese ^^;;

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