Usagi's Selective Memory

Mamoru's sentence is cut DEATH

Unlike the Stars anime, Usagi is an actual eye-witness to Mamoru's death the day he is set to leave for the United States. She sees Mamoru off at the airport, where he presents her with a ring. Leaning in close to her, he begins to say, "When I return --" but a brilliant flash occurs and suddenly the Golden Crystal is ripped from Mamoru's body.

Usagi watches; wide-eyed and horrified. Mamoru dies right before her eyes, and she sees Galaxia holding the crystal before she passes out from shock. It seems that the Three Lights held witness to the ordeal, but were unable to do anything in time. Seiya catches the fainting Usagi, and looking on at where Galaxia had stood, utters, "Too late..." After re-awakening, Usagi unconsciously blocks the entire event from her memory. She simply tells the girls that he gave her a nice ring, and flew off to the US. Yet, there is a hollowness in her eyes as she tells them.

Galaxia collects his starseed - the Golden Crystal

Seiya is rather attracted to Usagi, and wants to protect her. However, she wants her to remember what she had laid witness to. Seiya sends Usagi tarot cards in the mail now and then which attempt to revive her memory as to what really happened to her love. I believe that Seiya in the manga is rather different than Seiya in the anime. True, she is still extroverted and caring, but she seems to just want to protect Usagi more than she wants to sweep her off her feet like the anime. This ordeal also proves that Seiya wants Mamoru to be revived to make Usagi truly happy again.

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