Fashion...Or Not

I'm usually not one to judge other people's clothes because people should be able to wear clothing without attack from old dinosaurs with no other skills like Joan Rivers. However, this is an anime character we're talking about here, who really won't care what anybody says about his wardrobe because he's not real. So, let's discuss the many outfits of Chiba Mamoru. When you think about it, it's really not that many outfits...he must have spent all of his money on nice cars and an apartment, and didn't have any left over for clothes. That's why he had to have a job as a waiter...that one time...for one episode...yeah.

The Green Jacket

The Green Jacket

Yes, the infamous default Mamoru apparell. What the white shirt and blue pants are for Homer Simpson, the green jacket and khakis are for Chiba Mamoru. Seriously, is there anyone out there who actually likes this little ensemble?? My favorite color is every shade of green, for goodness sake, and I still can't bring myself to liking that thing. Maybe if it wasn't so long and eh...hangy it might go a little better. But I guess I have to back the green jacket up. In my experience, the jacket brings familiarity. Whenever Usagi accidentally barrells into Mamoru, we don't have to see his face to know it's the dreaded Mamoru-san.


The Pink Shirt

The Pink Shirt

There's something about the words "pink shirt" that sends most guys running in the other direction, but brave Mamoru fares it pretty well. While most people think this shirt is just icky, I always thought it worked well on him. How many guys can pull off a pink shirt like Mamoru?




The Green Pullover

Look Usagi, I wrote it on my shirt all by myself!

Mamoru can sorta kinda but not really wear big green and yellow pullovers. This is probably my least favorite of any of his threads. Its only redemption is just above the pocket it says "Earth" in a five-year-old's handwriting, how subliminal but not (Mamoru is the protector of earth for you slow ones). He's worn this several times during the S and SuperS series.



Plain White Shirt

Do I look cool when I'm taking them off?

First season garb, the plain white shirt. Also, those goofy sunglasses he toted around all the time. I dunno...what much is there to say?? You can't really do too much damage with just a plain white shirt...and it's better than green and yellow pullovers, right?





Pastel Three-Color Shirt

Wait, it's not that scary!

If he's trying to scare us, he's doing a great job. This is right up there with the green pullover, a subject I can't seem to get away from. Oh well. Mamoru can be seen running around a lot in episode 101 with this shirt. Mamoru's sweatshirts are usually just as atrocious as this one except for one that I oddly find myself liking - below.




Teal, Yellow and Grey Sweatsuit

Here, I'll model my ugly crap for you

Mamoru mostly wears this in the R season, as a running outfit. Everything is rolled up and crinkly-looking, but you know, that little wristband is sorta cute on him, don't ya think? Generally this whole ensemble has an 80's flair to it that I kind of find myself liking in a guilty-pleasure kind of way.




Purple Pocketed Shirt


Another bold effort on Mamoru's part - purple. Actually around my part of town it's not so uncommon to wear purple because of the Baltimore Ravens. But anyway. I think I've only seen this outfit in the SuperS movie. The little black on the collar and pockets adds a nice touch. I think the fact that Mamoru's hair is black helps a good bit. If he was blond this probably wouldn't be so nice.




The Orange Thrown-Over Shirt

Happy Family

This is just in a photo that Usagi and Mamoru both own from the Stars season. The photo itself is pretty sweet, and Mamoru's attire isn't all too shabby, either. It gives him a kind of laid-back look, plus he's wearing a purple shirt underneath! Pimp it, Mamoru.





The Modern Art Sweatsuit

Mamoru thinks of a way to leap from the cel to the real world and kill the animators who draw his clothing...

Another R season monstrosity. The best way I can think to explain this outfit is that Picasso threw up on it. More rolled-up goodness, and hey, why not throw a turtleneck collar in there for good measure? It seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess. The only good thing about this sweatsuit is that he rolls the sleeves all the way up to show off his nice arms.



Crazy 3 Shirt Leather Combo


This outfit appears in episode 119, and I was actually shocked because I have never, ever seen him wear this in any other episode. It's like...I don't know what it's like. He's got that black shirt at the core, followed by a blue button-up shirt left open, followed by a (maybe) leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up. And what's going on with his hair in theback there? I would say that this is Mamoru's very, very short biker phase. You see, the part they didn't show you is where all of his friends make fun of him and he cries himself to sleep, promptly after burning this outfit. Poor, poor Mamo-chan.

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