Here is a collection of some memorable quotes. They are divided into two categories - dialogue spoken by Mamoru, and dialogue spoken about Mamoru. I do not have original japanese manga or their translations, all I have are some volumes of the English Mixx Manga. Still, there are some pretty nice quotes in there; how close they are to the original, I have no idea. Also please note that lots of quotes here were gathered by the lovely Briana. Thanks!

Quotes By Mamoru

Mamoru: I don't know, Odango...I don't deserve to be with you. But it seems like fate.

Usagi: By the way... This watch... I meant to return it to you.

Mamoru: Hang on to it. I've got something to return also. It's yours. The handkerchief she dropped at the masquerade... I haven't had a chance to return it to her...

Usagi: Huh? You have something to return to me? What is it?

Mamoru: Next time we can trade them. I promise.

Usagi: Sure! I promise, too.

Tuxedo Kamen: Sailormoon! You're so strong today...Every time, you seem different. Are there other parts of you I don't know? What is your real personality? Who are you really?

Mamoru: I've been such a burden on you. Our fate has already been determined...but I feel like I'll just be getting in the way of your bright future. I often feel that way...

Tuxedo Kamen: Even my sightless eyes feel this powerful white light. This is the true light of the moon, the same as the Maboroshi no ginzuishou.

Tuxedo Kamen: My planet...it's only been scratched a bit...

Quotes About/To Mamoru

Usagi: I still can't believe it...my crystalized tear is the ginzuishou.. It's still just a bit warm...like his...hands..

Usagi: I promised to return this watch to Mamoru. Every time I saw him in town, I was so stubborn...we were always arguing, and I never really got to talk to him. But really...I was so thrilled to see him...we were drawn to each other...

Sailormoon: Endymion...you are my first love. My only love. Even if we're reborn in another life, we'll find each other..and then, we'll fall in love again.

Princess Serenity: I remember...Tuxedo Kamen... My beloved... Endymion. The memories come flooding back to me... That deep blue planet... The same blue as your eyes... That blue planet of hope and possibilities... I used to love watching it from the moon. The blue planet... The Earth Kingdom... and it's Crown Prince... The strongest and most handsome one... Endymion... Sometimes I would descend to Earth, Just to see him... Endymion...

Usagi: I can see through his touch...visions of this planet. Endymion, this is your power, isn't it? The power of Earth.
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