Sailormoon R: The Movie


When Mamoru was six, he and his parents were in a horrible car accident. Both of his parents died, and Mamoru lost all of his memory. While in the hospital, Mamoru found an unearthly visitor to comfort him, an alien child named Fiore. The day Fiore had to leave Earth, an upset Mamoru came to the hospital rooftop to bring him a rose as a goodbye present. Fiore told Mamoru that one day he would return with many flowers for Mamoru.

One day, Mamoru and the girls are visiting a botanical garden. Mamoru wanders outside and suddenly tons of rose petals begin falling from the sky. All the water in the fountains stop running. A guy that looks around the same age as Mamoru appears. He apologizes to Mamoru for taking so long to return, but it's clear that Mamoru has no idea who this guy is. The guy asks Mamoru if he has forgotten their friendship. He takes Mamoru's hand in a way that Usagi does not like, and tells Mamoru that they can leave now. Usagi interupts and says, "Um, you can't...Mamo-chan is my boyfriend..." But the guy doesn't seem to care too much for Usagi. He tells her to get out of the way, and shoves her to the ground. He tells Mamoru he'll be back. Mamoru later finally remembers the guy from the botanical garden as Fiore.

Are these your parents, Mamo-chan?

That night, the girls are at Rei's. Artemis tells them that a meteor is headed close to Earth, but will not impact. The girls are discussing the strange event between the man and Mamoru at the botanical garden. Ami says, "Mamoru seems to be popular among men", which of course causes a rauckus. Usagi distances herself from the conversation, after telling them she knows Mamoru's not gay. She then realizes that she does not know much about Mamoru's past, however. Cut to a flashback of Usagi at Mamoru's apartment:

Usagi: Are these your parents, Mamo-chan?
Mamoru: Yeah..
Usagi: You've lived alone, without your family...all this time?
Mamoru: That's right.
Usagi: Were you lonely?
Mamoru: I'm not lonely're my family, Usako. I feel like I was waiting all by myself to meet you.
Usagi: [Rests her head on his lap, thinking] Mamo-chan...yeah..I'm your family now, Mamo-chan. From now on, I'll protect you. Always.

The next day, Fiore has a fight with the senshi. He recognizes Sailormoon as Usagi from the day before. Tuxedo Kamen appears and tries to protect Sailormoon. Fiore tells Mamoru that she is only decieving him and will one day leave him all alone. Tuxedo Kamen tells Fiore to believe in Sailormoon, but Fiore doesn't listen. Fiore tries to stab Sailormoon, but Tuxedo Kamen intercepts and is stabbed instead. Fiore is shocked that he had done something terrible to Mamoru. He also doesn't understand why Mamoru would go to such great lengths to protect Usagi. Fiore then takes the wounded Mamoru away. Sailormoon runs after Fiore as he floats away and disappears. She screams out for Mamo-chan, but they are both gone. She falls to her knees and weeps.

The senshi figure out that Fiore must be hiding out on the meteor. Artemis also tells the senshi that Fiore is being controlled by a Kisenian flower; a flower that thrives off of weak people. The senshi decide that the best idea is to go to teleport to the meteor and rescue Mamoru. Sailormoon yells in protest, "No!"

Venus: The only way to save Earth is to defeat the Kisenian!
Moon: No! You can't, guys...I don't want you guys in any more Mamo-chan.[begins to cry] It's all my fault...Mamo-chan ended up like that because he shielded me.

The other senshi give Sailormoon some confidence. Sailormars asks her to do it for Mamoru. Then, they gather in a circle. Chibiusa, Luna and Artemis watch as they perform Sailor Teleport. Brilliant lights engulf them, loose concrete rises into the air. Then they disappear, the lights stop, and the concrete falls back to the ground.

Once they land on the meteor, they have to face thousands of Fiore's flower youma. After a few minutes of battle, the youma form a giant wave out of themselves, and engulf the senshi. At the last moment, Sailormars shoves Sailormoon out of the way. She goes tumbling down a hill, and watches as the ground literally eats the senshi alive. Sailormoon's eyes are full of terror and disbelief. She runs up and tries to dig into the ground. "Don't die!" she says. Fiore accuses Sailormoon of leaving her friends to die while she saves herself. She gets ready to use the Moon Sceptre, but Fiore invokes a vine to rise up out of the ground, holding the senshi. Fiore tells Sailormoon that if she uses the Moon Sceptre, more harm will come to her friends. He tells her to drop the Sceptre. After a short hesitation, and the senshi telling her not to do it, she drops it. She tells the senshi she can't stand to see them in any more pain.

Suddenly, Fiore looks as though he becomes weak. A few of his youma fade away. He is becoming affected by the pureness of Usagi's heart. The Kisenian quickly reimbursts his energy. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Kamen manages to break out of a healing tank that Fiore had placed him in to heal his wounds. He rises and says, "Usako."

Fiore tells Sailormoon to die, then grabs her and begins sucking away her energy. He then lets go and she falls to the ground. Her eyes have a strange blue gradience to them, signifying she is close to dying. Before Fiore's final blow, the senshi scream out for Fiore to stop. He tells the senshi that no one could understand how lonely he was for so long. The senshi then have flashbacks of how lonely they were before they met Usagi. Sailormars says to Fiore, "You don't understand...if we hadn't met Usagi...we would all be alone." Fiore is momentarily struck by these words, but again the Kisenian takes over.

Just before Fiore makes his final strike to kill Sailormoon, a rose is struck into his chest. Fiore, in shock, looks down at it. Tuxedo Kamen threw the rose, halting Fiore. So utterly saddened by the fact that his only friend hurt him, Fiore begins to lose hope. He stumbles to the ground, and all of the flowers he was going to use to destroy Earth fade. The Kisenian asks Fiore what's wrong. "Mamoru...threw a flower at me."

The Kisenian helps Fiore decide to redirect the meteor directly towards Earth, thus killing them all. Fiore tells them, "You'll burn up here, with me!" Suddenly, Sailormoon revives and sits up. She begins to invoke the ginzuishou. The other senshi scream, "Don't! If you use the ginzuishou, you'll die!" Sailormoon turns and reassures them, "It's okay, I won't die. Let's go back to Earth together. Okay?"

What are you afraid of?

Suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs the ginzuishou at Sailormoon's chest, squeezing hard. It is Fiore. Sailormoon's fuku begins to turn into bands of pink ribbons; Fiore's grasp on the ginzushou is causing her to lose her transformation as Sailormoon. She grunts in pain. Usagi then puts her hand on Fiore's, startling him. "What are you afraid of?" she asks. Fiore then begins to have a vision, of back in the hospital when Mamoru was a child.

[Little Mamoru is crying, then suddenly a small child appears before him.]
Little Mamoru: Who are you?
Little Usagi: Don't cry.
Little Mamoru: Soon, a dear friend is going away...but I can't do anything for him..
Little Usagi: Lessee..starting today, I'm going to be a big sister. My mom had a baby..and I brought this as a gift..[holding a bouquet] Here. [Holds up a rose] Congratulations.
Little Mamoru: Thank you....
Don't cry...

Fiore then realizes that the rose Mamoru had given him was actually given to Mamoru by a young Usagi. So touched, Fiore is no longer in control of the Kisenian, so it disintegrates. Fiore then disappears. Usagi becomes Princess Serenity and prepares to use the ginzuishou. Tuxedo Kamen stands up and transforms into Prince Endymion, and lends her his strength. The senshi also lend their powers, and combined, the ginzushou gains enough power to change the meteor's course, just before the ginzuishou bursts and Serenity's eyes fade to black, and she falls backwards. In the next scene, Serenity has transformed back into Sailormoon. She lays dead in Tuxedo Kamen's lap. Sailormars makes a futile attempt to wake her.

Mars: Usagi! Usagi! said you wouldn't die...
Mercury: There's no point if we are the only ones to survive..
Jupiter: your eyes, Usagi-chan!
Venus: We lost the thing most dear to us after all.
*Mamoru suddenly has a vision*
Fiore: Mamoru-kun.
Mamoru: Fiore..
Fiore: Thank and Sailormoon have saved me. Now, I will fulfill that promise. This is a flower of life. It contains the sum of all of my energy. Give the nectar of this flower to Sailormoon.
Kiss of life

Mamoru presses the petals of the flower to his lips. He then leans in and kisses the dead Sailormoon, transferring the nectar to her. Her transformation brooch is repaired and the ginzuishou regenerates. Her eyes slowly open. She says, "e;Mamo-chan...everyone...I told you...that I wouldn't die..." Tears roll down Mamoru's face.

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