Tuxedo Kamen

I have always found that, next to Tsukikage no Knight, Tuxedo Kamen is the most made fun of and under-appreciated warrior. Forever doomed to nicknames like "Cape Boy", poor Tuxedo Kamen doesn't get a whole lot of back-up.

Contrary to popular belief, his presence is important. How many times would Sailormoon have prematurely bought the farm if the mysterious masked man hadn't arrived to bail her out at the last second? His importance is especially signifigant in the first season. Sailormoon was a novice; fearful and confused from this new destiny which was suddenly thrown into her young hands. Before the other sailor senshi arrived on the scene, Tuxedo Kamen was the only one to save her, and to build confidence in her with his kind words.

Besides that, Tuxedo Kamen is always brave and willing, full well knowing his powers are limited and that he could easily be killed in battle. Regardless, he always comes and gives his all, using what weaponry he has and his wit to protect his beloved Sailormoon. I admire someone so willing to fight and protect, even though they may be no match for their opponent from the start. Super powers aren't everything - Sailormoon is powerful but where would she be without her pure heart and her willpower to protect those she loves? They are equally important.

Tuxedo Kamen protects the novice warrior Sailormoon

Tuxedo Kamen's signature anime weapon is the rose; small and simple, yet symbolic and effective. The last second throw of the rose has both saved the senshi and also bought them enough time to finish off the youma. His other main weapon is his cane, which can extend at will to ridiculous lengths. He also uses it in sword-like battles or to retrieve someone (usually Sailormoon) with.

Tuxedo Kamen has limited weaponry and power, but he uses what he has to work with to the best of his abilities. Even when his roses are gone and his cane has been broken, Tuxedo Kamen's efforts as a helper to the Sailor Team is too often overlooked, in my opinion.

Just because he can't summon elemental powers or blast away his opponents, he would never flee a battle, give in, or show fear. His love and inner desire to protect is just too strong to care about how powerful he is.

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