The Many Faces of Mamoru

Did you ever notice that the anime often has 'good animation days', 'bad animation days' and 'slightly odd animation days'?? Characters faces get drawn differently episode to episode, more noticeable season-to-season. The season-to-season thing makes more sense because the animators evolve in their skills and details in drawing the characters...also the show's budget went up each season. Anyway, Mamoru's face changes a lot. Here I'll go over the good ones and the bad ones...I think it's pretty easy to see the differences. Either that or I'm just insane. Here we go.

Good Faces


Hey baby. What's goin' on.

In Sailormoon S, I think Mamoru was animated pretty well overall. There were definitely some, "ugh" instances (See the fashion section, multi-colored sweatshirt...that's from the S season and it's not a good thing) but overall good. This is probably my favorite face, except his hairline is drawn a teeny bit too high. But look how laid-back and suave he's drawn. It totally makes up for whenever he's ugly.


First Season Smile

Stay that way forever.. all the characters had their flaws in the first season because...well, it was the first season. Mamoru had good moments and bad ones just like everyone else. But I think a lot of times his face was drawn really well. For instance in this particular picture. It's from episode episode 34. Usagi sees Mamoru walking down the street and runs up and slaps him on the back (she didn't know he was injured and bleeding and stuff). Mamoru turns and flashes this face and says, "You're always very energetic..." Usagi starts to think he's gonna throw another insult at her, but he finishes with, "Stay that way forever..."


Sailor Stars Face

Look how good my hair is, even in your hallucinations, Usagi!

Mamoru's animated pretty well in Sailor Stars, even though he only appears at the beginning and end of this season. Unlike SuperS, his hair isn't drawn in big black chunks; he's got some good strands going on there like in S. There's a plus. His eyes are drawn nicely too. Another plus is his hairline is brought back down to a reasonable level. The goodness of his animation in this season could be for several reasons though. #1 - Since Mamoru's only in the beginning and end of this season, and the beginning arc and end episodes are both climatic. Climatic episodes tend to get the best animators. #2 - Sailor Stars has better animation overall, despite some small character flaws (I think Usagi's legs are drawn way too long when taking her short height of 4ft 11in. into consideration).


I'm Sick or My Hair Is Wet Face

I'm badass. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway..

The scraggly hair and badass looking face seems to occur in SuperS either when Mamoru's sick or his hair is wet. I don't know why, but that seems to be the concept here. This particular image comes from S in the few instances of that season where he accomplishes this look. It looks like he's trying to be mysterious and sexy but can't quite pull it off. It's still a pretty good face though.



First Season Serious Face

First season serious face

This one's pretty good too. Look how serious-looking he is. He's really mad because you think roses are whussy. Either that or he's mad at whoever thought it would be a good idea for his soldier form to have a top hat. You know he hates that thing as much as I do.




The Bad Ones

Flat Weird Face

Don't run away! Why are you so scared?!

I don't really know how to describe this one. Some of the animators are really good at drawing head-on Mamoru face shots, and others turn out like this. Not only that, but he is wearing the ugliest sweatshirt ever. Don't seem so happy about it, Mamoru.





Stoned Eyes Face


I mean, really. Someone needs to be careful about where they're drawing these shadows around the eyes sometimes. His eyes are weird shapes too. Am I studying these too much? Anyway, I really hate the way he looks in this picture but so many sites insist on using this as his profile image. Auughh.




Bewildered Big Ears Face

Who are you? Why is my face so freaky?

Not to say that people with larger ears are bad-looking; it's just Mamoru's ears aren't really supposed to be like that, I don't think. Plus he looks totally freaked out by Usagi's advances. This is from the first chunk of R when he has no memory of the first season, by the way. But man, he barely looks like Mamoru at all.




The Evil of Evil Face

Muahahahaha. I laugh that way because I'm e-v-i-l.

I saved the best for last - cause good Lord he looks evil and psycho there. This is from the opening credits of Sailormoon R; not from the Dark Endymion phase of the first season, which would have been appropriate in some way. He didn't even look this evil when he was Dark Endymion. Be careful, secretly, he's plotting our demise as we speak...

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